Pastor Administrative Sidney Grandberry

The Lord saved, sanctified and filled Elder Sidney Grandberry with the Holy Ghost in 1969. He was divinely called to the ministry a few years later and was later ordained under the leadership of his founding pastor, the late Eld. W.G. Gayton. He exemplified leadership skills as he served faithfully as the Sunday School Superintendent and Assistant Pastor. After the home going of Elder Gayton in 1982, Eld. Grandberry was appointed pastor of Gospel Temple Church of God in Christ by the late Prelate of First Jurisdiction, Bishop Louis Henry Ford.

Immediately, Eld. Grandberry sought the Lord’s guidance and put his hand to the plow when the Lord spoke to him and said “build.” Eld. Grandberry began to work and in1986 Gospel Temple was reconstructed and the middle wall that divided the church from dining area was removed to accommodate the ever growing souls that were being added. When this work was completed the Lord spoke to Eld. Grandberry again to “build.” Once again he began to work on the vision God had given him and in 1993 a new, larger sanctuary was constructed. In 1996, the members of Gospel Temple went from a store front to a new sanctuary built from the ground and Eld. Grandberry served as the general contractor. This facility accommodates approximately 450 people.

In 2000, a plan was presented to the Pastor Grandberry and the church entered into an affordable housing program to help people obtain their dream of owning their own home or a building of their choice.

Again, the Lord inspired Eld. Grandberry to open a daycare to service the Lawndale community. In January, 2002 Little Giants Child Care Center was opened. This allowed parents to go to work or attend school while their children obtained quality childcare. This center also provided before and after school programs and summer camp. A few years later Invest In Me Youth was open to service teenagers in our church and community.

Eld. Grandberry has dedicated himself to the welfare of mankind and has committed himself to feeding and clothing the less fortunate and therefore a food and clothing distribution center is provided.

Eld. Grandberry faithfully serves as Administrative Assistant to Bishop Robert R. Sanders, Prelate of Third Jurisdiction of Illinois and Superintendent of the Bishop Louis Henry District.

Eld. Grandberry is a builder and visionary leader.

Gospel Temple is “The church where everybody is somebody but Jesus is the main attraction”